Tuesday, 3 August 2010


YEAH THATS RIGHT LAUGH IT UP, MAN... RIGHT BEFORE MY CHICKS COME AND GET YA... So the Rndom Hitt and his illustrious gilfriend Yoga Monday are back in the Fray. The Bambinos silenced for a year whilst justin embraces the world of teaching (doomed - all goes ill).
But of course dear readers, if I'm back, then so are the mighty BB's! So a footnote. Last time we all got together, we locked ourselves away in a studio in scotland for a week and blew our minds with music and creativity. The result is the NEW Bambino Album - as yet unfinished - but i do happen to know that the Just Machine has got a recording of him drunk out of his mind playing clarinet with some ducks believing him to be the Supreme Duck of all Duckkind... but I'm digressing. both Mr Justin and Calluminum have been kicking my ass this last few days to get writing again and to let you Freakazoids know that they're touring Fire Ireland next week with three quarters the original line up. Jose, as we all know on the road. I'm bored... here's another picture - see if you can find me.

So, anyway...
for all those who dont even know what is going on it doesnt really matter so dont worry about it. The main thing is that there ids a new BURNING Blue Bambinos album on the horizon - most of which I've heard, and they're gonna be spilling that stuff all over the streets of Dublin and the Republic thereof...

I need to change the newspaper, but before I do, a big hug for those that have held me together these last few months, a big hug of course to the Bambinos and lastly a big Hug to Jose...


I'm off to Ireland... speak soon


Sunday, 12 July 2009


Well, what more can the insignificant Random Hitt say than that? These are certainly changing times and the Blue Bambinos once again embrace the podium of dysfunctionality..

So the team went down to (unknowingly at the time) probably their last gig at a venue known as the Tower, Soho with their dangerous punk line up. A week later Jose was finally deported for having a lack of funds and owing money to the Spanish Mafia, last seen at Kings Cross with an escort of men in long coats, clutching his Bass in the case and a ticket to Heathrow. So with a man down and internal divisions becoming too intense to handle, Justin pulls a plug on the Bambino Project, Callum retires to his pad in Chelsea and Meg rolls on some time with the lot lizards...

and one can sense a change in the air...

But it isn't all doom and gloom for as I have witnessed many times what doesn't kill these dudes only makes them stronger, but before I get into the meat of the situation, someone, somewhere recorded what for the present is the Blue Bambinos last gig at the Tower in West London;


I saw Justin with a bunch of broken drum hardware and so, accordingly asked him what the Dickens was going on? He replied by merely showing me an image on his phone and before I show you the finished article of what I saw, I think an explanation is required. Arty fartsy Just was working on a project to fit a drumkit in a suitcase, which to be fair I found a little alarming at the time in terms of like, you know... a mental moment. However, this was exactly what he had been up to in the weeks since the last gig, and tied in with this was the fact that he had also been working on some new song material.
Justin's plan is to bring in musicians who have worked with the Bambino's over the last two years and start recording this new stuff. Callum's even considered the possibility of releasing two further albums by the end of this year with the recording being filmed and packaged as a DVD with whatever is finally produced at the end of it. But as for gigs.... Well, no-ones saying anything, though of course they're all still playing in various guises or another.

The faithful Raandom will keep you posted.

til then check the usual


Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Good evening ladies and Gentlemen, and yes you are completely correct in saying my time keeping is as Random as my name... but HEY! when I write, I write well; with concise interest and tumultuous abundance about tbe Bambino world experience and this is where my dissertation starts.

Recently the Bambinos played live on the infamous Dexter Bentley's radio show Hello/Goodbye on the mighty Resonance Radio,
www.dexterbentley.com click the radio icon to go to the 25th April show and have a listen to the live rendition of the Terrifier where Justin was attacked by a monstrous ladybird, that laid itself bare, with violent confrontation eyeballed the singer with it's black and souless eye and stood in defiance no matter how much screaming and bad breath Justin could throw at it.

So the radio show was a success judging by the power surge that hit London that day as all the wireless's were switched on and stood in good stead for the Gig played in South London's Millers in London Bridge. After confusion as to what to do with equipment and leaving it finally in the boot of the marvellous DeXter's car, the team Bambino went about their separate ways, Justin acting as diplomat and meeting with South London's infamous Signor Sindaco del Sud di Londra. One of the most powerful men south of the river and an old friend of the Bambino frontman. Signor Sindaco was very accomodating, supplying drinks and food and of course gave his permission for the gig to go ahead as long as he recieved a free copy (signed) of the Bambino Album.

He's also the first member of the BLUE BAMBINO FACEBOOK... (that is an example of promotion with the use of CAPITAL letters... ssccchhhwwweeeett..)

So here's some images of the Gig and look out for Aisling Clafferty and her bad bad brother who shouldn't be given a box a matches when there's a band playing...
check out

til next time...


Friday, 20 March 2009


Jesus Christ Random...
Why so long with the Blog???
a) I'm possibly still drunk and haven't been able to sit in front of a computer since Tuesday night and...
b) any problems anticipated with the arrival of Meg 'ONEHUNDREDANDTENPERCENT' slim, on the power horse drum kit were brushed deeply under the carpet, said carpet being rolled up and thrown out the window, said window being smashed to smithereens with any remnence of said mess originally brushed under said carpet removed with an unsaid vacuum cleaner.

Now, you may ask,

Random what the fuck are you blabbering on about?

Tuesday night at Cafe 1001 in East London's swanky Brick Lane was one of the finest gigs Ive been to in a LONG time. The room only contained perhaps 10-15 people when the Bambinos graced the stage and though no-one from the band was giving nothing away, you could tell there was an air of anticipation... Stevie 'son of the D's' boots being quite big to fill... but within 30 secs of the first tune being played Justin established the Bambino wrath by leaping on to the table at the front of the stage and continuing his feral antics to the front row audience, whilst Meg took her place within the ranks of the Bambino party train and carved her own sonic space.
That was a fucking Ace gig with that 10-15 turning into 75-100 and though you the reader who wasn't present is going '...yeah, Random you're a liar and a drunk', I'm confident enough to know that there are also a lot more readers who WERE there who were REALLY entertained and got there money's worth. Tuesday night at Cafe 1001 was rolling in the Kasbah rhythm, head shaking backwards and forwards... he could have been fucking anywhere and the Sadler was driving that guitar towards the dark recesses of whatever was in that place and Justin... well we've always thought he's got some kind of mind disorder that seems to express itself when surrounded by a bunch of loud musicians, but ultimately it all rested on the drums and Meg has got power way beyond her means...
when she's got sticks in her hands, everyone had just better back off...

Fortunately there will be footage available on you tube from the promoters for those of you who missed the gig and if it comes out right I'm looking forward to seeing it (I may be in there somewhere) and rest assured you'll hear it from here first. meanwhile here's some pictures by annalisa, www.annalisacosentino.blogspot.com


See you there


Wednesday, 11 March 2009


OKAY OKAY! So you wanna know the story then I'll tell you all about it and I'm not proud of my otherwise impeccable behaviour by any stretch of the imagination. Whilst pondering on the rich and varied vastness of my own social circles, I discovered a quick and easy way to make a bit of money, and with the help of my old friend Callum 'slim' Sadler, had what I thought was gonna be a done deal. Now I'm not gonna go into the finer details (unless I really fancy another holiday at her majesty's pleasure) but lets just say that the only person who got done was me, and the deal, insofar that you can even call it that, is that I now owe the boys a little bit of money.
"Random, You Scumbag" and I can hear the wind in the shadow stained streets whispering my guilty name but in the end, as long as I lay low for a little while, everything will blow over...

So imagine my surprise whilst on a date with a young lady I'd been working on for quite sometime, getting ready to treat her with a night in posh town Islington, candlelit dinners, whooing with skills that I didn't even know I had, taking her to a nice drinking 'one for the road' establishment where some calm music was taking place...
Everything is going my way, and this young lady is thinking about mine and hers future together with a backdrop of the moon and stars, we walk into the bar, I see Adam Beattie and the Consultants... "I know these guys" I confidently whisper into those sweet and beautiful ears of innocence then suddenly BANG!!!

For yes, ladies and gents, it was Adam Beattie and the Consultants, but with two special guests... Callum Sadler and Justin Young. And with the telepathic reasoning ascribed only to the guilty, my eyes were met almost instantly by the four eyes of one half of the Blue Bambinos...

As it happens, things turned out to be quite nice. It's always a pleasure to hear the Consultants and real nice for there to be a bit of saw action going on in a couple of numbers, and it certainly impressed my date. But as soon as Callum "slim' Sadler was off the stage he came straight over and sat with us and I could feel the pinch.
"Any chance of a drink there, Random? Only I'm a bit strapped for cash at the moment, you know how it is..." And yes, Bambinos I know how it is. Of course, they, nor the Consultants would ever say anything to compromise my situation, but its not that they would and more that they could, which is where the fun lies....

so yet another yarn rolls off the blog for any interested party that may blur his eye with the curious literary banter of Random Hitt, but as usual I have updates for you, to keep your metaphorical foot in the door.

www.myspace.com/adambeattie for all his future gigs etc. Real nice music from a great songwriter

Also the Blue Bambinos Album is now for sale in Rough Trade Records, Brick Lane. Get yourself down there and spend spend spend! (after what I've just put them through, believe me these boys haven't got a penny between 'em). And yes... the day we've all been waiting for...

BLUE BAMBINOS LIVE - 17/03/09@ cafe 1001 bricklane, opp Rough Trade

I'll be there with Yoga Monday and the rest of the Team, giving 'em shit and getting down.

Stay Sexy

Random Hitt


Friday, 27 February 2009


Well, what a day...
Usually I like to consider myself as someone who keeps his negativity at the door, but today has consumed my otherwise unbreakable spirit with drunken doubt and amiable self loathing. Even in the early morn, I found myself bathed in dusty sunlight and silence, seeming to spend a mild eternity on the landing, trying to remember what the memory of happiness was... and that is the rub.
The music is the happiness and the anger expressed in the form of noise to keep balance of yourself... to be well rounded and thoughtful. there is only so much bombardment a mind can take and when the reliability of others is questionable you're never on your own, because in the end, there are so many versions of yourself to keep you company.


If you know Justin then you've probably already come to the correct conclusion that I've just had a couple of jars with him. When he's 'on one' you cant get a word in, but when you actually get to know him, his talk becomes less in quantity and more in value. The Bambinos, with a couple of gigs lined up are already, are as you would expect priming themselves up for what looks to be a good year. And Just seems to be on the verge of some kind of implosion. The crunch is getting to the old boy, both economically and mentally which is why, as Dr G-spot once said, 'you gotta stay active son, or you'll do yourself no end of damage'.
"Got some new tunes, Random, And I think you'll like them a lot... Raw materials, thats what you need and this place is full of it, I'm telling you..." And with that we sit and listen to the audio backdrop of the bar and slowly words begin to drop out of the general calamity (such a great name for a General).
"Ive gotta write 'em down! I'll only forget them." and in walks Ideas Man, an old colleague of Justin and so rumour has it, the man who came up with the idea of the name, The Blue Bambinos. We hang out for a bit and even though the day was slowly turning into a nicer, more genteel afternoon, I couldn't stay there forever... I had to take my shopping home. One thing that did make me laugh (all be it, at my expense) was when Jean came into the bar. She's a friend from when I first arrived in London, and I hadn't seen her arrive. Justin was quick enough to say,
"Hey Random, you'd better say Hi to Jean before you go..."
I quickly turned around and inoccently said, "...oh, Hi Jean", which was immediately followed by cackles of laughter coming from the Bambino corner...


I'd laugh myself if I'd thought of it first...

Here's two links for you to check out, both of which are friends of the Bambinos.
This is the on going blog from Ideas Man, A guy I've known for a large part of my life yet still I don't know his real name. Even at school everyone called him Ideas Man.


The next is Jean Paul Francisco, a friend of the Band and an artist living in London. He has got the bambino's some cool gigs in the past as well as create work from the music. You can check him out here:


speak soon


Sunday, 22 February 2009


Once again the weekend rolls itself upon us charming the oily coppers out of my frayed pockets onto the varnished bar of escapism. I sit down rubbing a bleary eye and softly view the cartel of characters... a population of misfits that can only be churned out by the turning of the London screw; and that's why i love the big smoke...
And as we begin to discuss the virtues of such upright members of our East London community, in walks the latest innovator to the Blue Bambino movement... Meg.
Drummer and one half of the garage band known as Lot Lizards, (check them out, www.myspace.com/lotlizardslondon), Meg has the kind of percussion power that is only understandable if you have the unifying gravitational grasp of quantum physics... and that isn't a joke. She can bend space/time with those beats on a level that would make Alan Moore shave off his burly beard and Heiselberg almost ridiculously certain.
A perfect candidate for the Bambino party train? Well the boys seem to think so and judging by the feedback from Slim Sadler's immediate neighbourhood, she fits in like a new spring in the rusty Bambino clockwork. As far as my reliable sources tell, they're already jamming out new tunes before Meg's got a thorough understanding of the set list.

I think we may be in for a treat...

Here's an update for the BB's fan. After sometime, it appears that the Noise album has recieved its first review and deservedly, has stomped all over that pompous new album by Guns and Roses in the stars rating... take a view;


And, as is the way that the Blue Bambinos work, where there is a plus, there's almost certainly a minus, because you see, it's the bass of the thing that's the problem. The dark grounding that is Jose, Mr Casablanca, has recently had the dirty earth rumbling under his feet. Officials from Venezuela and Spain on a joint mission to restrain and hold down this man's limitless creativity have been spotted in and around the borough of Hackney. The guard dogs are barking immigration laws but as all the ladies know, the Kasbah is undoubtedly European. However it is the conspiracy theorists, as always, that seem to have the upper hand. Informing yours truly that this is just another undercover example of the powers that be trying to crush the spirit of the band, The Kasbah has been relocated, and judging from this image no-one will ever know exactly where.

No sooner has the drummer been replaced that now the squeeze is on Jose. but the Blue Bambinos will always look after their own... and that is an army of many...

Checkout the usual places and speak soon you saucy little so and so's...