Tuesday, 3 August 2010


YEAH THATS RIGHT LAUGH IT UP, MAN... RIGHT BEFORE MY CHICKS COME AND GET YA... So the Rndom Hitt and his illustrious gilfriend Yoga Monday are back in the Fray. The Bambinos silenced for a year whilst justin embraces the world of teaching (doomed - all goes ill).
But of course dear readers, if I'm back, then so are the mighty BB's! So a footnote. Last time we all got together, we locked ourselves away in a studio in scotland for a week and blew our minds with music and creativity. The result is the NEW Bambino Album - as yet unfinished - but i do happen to know that the Just Machine has got a recording of him drunk out of his mind playing clarinet with some ducks believing him to be the Supreme Duck of all Duckkind... but I'm digressing. both Mr Justin and Calluminum have been kicking my ass this last few days to get writing again and to let you Freakazoids know that they're touring Fire Ireland next week with three quarters the original line up. Jose, as we all know on the road. I'm bored... here's another picture - see if you can find me.

So, anyway...
for all those who dont even know what is going on it doesnt really matter so dont worry about it. The main thing is that there ids a new BURNING Blue Bambinos album on the horizon - most of which I've heard, and they're gonna be spilling that stuff all over the streets of Dublin and the Republic thereof...

I need to change the newspaper, but before I do, a big hug for those that have held me together these last few months, a big hug of course to the Bambinos and lastly a big Hug to Jose...


I'm off to Ireland... speak soon


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  1. You are the one with the helmet, right?

    Italy miss the Bambinos. All of them.